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  • Cellarium Cafe & Terrace

    Cellarium Cafe & Terrace

    Tucked away in the historic heart of Westminster is the Cellarium Café & Terrace, a charming and serene spot ideal for a relaxing break from the bustling city. This delightful café, housed in the 14th-century cellars of Westminster Abbey, offers a unique experience combining history, architecture, and of course food. We had the Full English…

  • Walk Through History and Remembrance: Westminster

    Walk Through History and Remembrance: Westminster

    My walk around Westminster was a journey through some of London’s most iconic and historic sites. The area, steeped in history and political significance, offers a rich tapestry of architecture, memorials, and stunning views. The starting point was the Methodist Central Hall, an emblem of Edwardian architecture and an important religious and cultural venue. Known…