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  • Savoring Oaxaca with Oaxacking

    Savoring Oaxaca with Oaxacking

    Our journey through Oaxaca with the Oaxacking food tour was nothing short of a culinary revelation. Each stop on this tour was a chapter in the vibrant story of Oaxacan cuisine, filled with flavors, history, and heartfelt hospitality. Cocina De Humo We began at Cocina De Humo, where Chef Thalía Barrios introduced us to exquisite…

  • Oaxacking Tour Adventure

    Oaxacking Tour Adventure

    Today, we joined the Oaxacking tour, an experience we learned about through a friend’s glowing recommendation. To prep ourselves, we watched “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix, getting a tantalizing preview of what awaited us. Our first stop was Cocina De Humo, helmed by Chef Thalía Barrios. It’s also a pottery shop. The ambiance was intimate.…

  • Warwick, Stratford, and Oxford in a Day

    Warwick, Stratford, and Oxford in a Day

    I took a day tour with Golden Tours out of London. 8:30 AM – Departure from Victoria Our day started with an early morning buzz in Victoria, London. The tour bus is a little hard to find. Our tour set off with a rather random factoid on Waterloo Bridge which I thought was really interesting.…