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  • Oatly’s packaging

    Oatly’s packaging

    Oatly, a Swedish company, has taken the dairy-free world by storm with its oat-based milk products. The latest oat milk carton comes equipped with face-recognition software to enhance security when left in unsecured locations like a refrigerator. Oatly’s message is clear: they’re more than an oat milk company. And they’ve successfully gotten more eyes on…

  • USB and Wireless Charging Seats in Shanghai

    USB and Wireless Charging Seats in Shanghai

    Check this out — seats equipped with USB and wireless charging capabilities, complete with Wi-Fi access. In places like San Francisco, known for its tech-savvy yet also its challenges with public infrastructure maintenance, the longevity of such technologically advanced public amenities might be questionable. We can’t have good things!

  • Food delivery giant, Meituan, fined

    New York Times wrote that China’s recent imposition of a hefty $530 million fine on Meituan, a leading food-delivery giant, marks a significant escalation in Beijing’s ongoing efforts to regulate the country’s internet companies. This move, following a string of similar actions, underscores the Chinese government’s commitment to reining in the immense power and influence…