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  • Gong Cha in Coyoacán

    Gong Cha in Coyoacán

    Found Gong Cha in Coyoacán, we hoped to try the unique mole boba tea, perhaps a specialty seen in Oaxaca. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available. We settled for the regular boba tea, which tasted quite normal. There’re a bunch of Gong Cha’s around. They taste like the regular boba tea. Please skip.

  • Finding Gong Cha in Oaxaca

    Finding Gong Cha in Oaxaca

    We found Gong Cha in Oaxaca! Looks like there’s boba culture here as well. Amidst traditional Mexican backdrops, finding this Taiwanese bubble tea haven offered a unique fusion of global flavors, merging the charm of Oaxaca with the trendy appeal of Asian-inspired beverages. Location of Gong Cha:C. Macedonio Alcalá 201-Local 102, RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Centro, 68000…