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  • Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

    Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

    Our exploration of Mexico City’s heart led us to the grandiose Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, a colossal edifice that towers over the Zócalo area. What lies beneath is equally captivating—this magnificent structure rests atop the ancient Aztec sacred precinct, including the Templo Mayor, a layering of histories that speaks volumes of the city’s complex past.…

  • Ruins of Kabah in the Puuc Region

    Ruins of Kabah in the Puuc Region

    In the Puuc region of Yucatán, Mexico, the ruins of Kabah are a fascinating testament to ancient Maya civilization. Known for its distinctive Puuc architectural style, Kabah offers a glimpse into a rich historical past. The steep steps of the ruins add to the dramatic beauty of the site, making the exploration both thrilling and…