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  • Fish tacos at El Pescadito Roma

    Fish tacos at El Pescadito Roma

    We were thinking of ending our trip with the fish taco. We were hoping of something reminiscent of the flavors from the Mission District in San Francisco. We found ourselves at El Pescadito Roma in Mexico City. The fish taco is a crispy delight. The one we remembered was still nicer. The tuna taco, while…

  • Our last cafe stop Postales de Café

    Our last cafe stop Postales de Café

    As our journey in Mexico City draws to a close, a bittersweet feeling envelops us. We’ve chosen to spend our last day in the vibrant neighborhood of Condesa, immersing ourselves in the art of café hopping. Condesa, with its leafy streets and Art Deco buildings, offers a serene yet lively atmosphere. Each café we visit,…

  • Late dinner at Yoru

    Late dinner at Yoru

    For late dinner we went Yoru! Yoru’s a Japanese restaurant is a little dark, and they open till 10 PM. We began our meal by sharing a soft shell crab and unagi hand rolls. The hand rolls were good, possibly heightened by our long hiatus from Japanese cuisine. Each bite was a mix of crisp…

  • Change of cuisine: Argentinian food!

    Change of cuisine: Argentinian food!

    For an early dinner we had Argentinian street food El Fogón De Don Pedro. Love their authentic flavors and warm ambiance. We started with tacos con queso, a delightful fusion of soft tortillas filled with melted cheese, paired with succulent sausages. Each bite was a blend of cheesy goodness and the robust flavor of Argentinian…

  • Horchata and cake at Borona Baguetteria

    Horchata and cake at Borona Baguetteria

    We went to Borona Baguetteria for a slice of carrot cake and a horchata latte. Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink made from rice, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla. It’s sweet, refreshing, and carries a distinctively comforting taste. When blended into a latte, horchata adds a creamy, cinnamon-infused twist to the classic coffee. The carrot cake…

  • Instant Noodle Temple

    Instant Noodle Temple

    We stumbled upon an instant noodles restaurant — Ramen Temple. Here, you’re the chef, picking your favorite instant noodle brand as the base. Then, enhance it with an array of toppings – a rich egg, succulent meat, and a hint of fresh vegetables. Hot water is poured using this machine. The bowl sealed, and in…

  • Flat White at Café Tormenta

    Flat White at Café Tormenta

    On a quaint street corner, we discovered Café Tormenta, a charming spot that promised a delightful coffee experience. It’s got an inviting ambiance and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is present! We got the Australian favorite — the Flat White. Café Tormenta’s version was excellent. The first sip was a harmonious blend of rich…

  • Stroll Through Roma Norte’s Parks

    Stroll Through Roma Norte’s Parks

    On a serene afternoon, we set out to explore the lush green spaces of Roma Norte, one of Mexico City’s more charming neighborhoods. We meandered through Parque México’s winding paths, we were surrounded by an oasis of towering trees and vibrant flower beds. The park’s ambiance was lively yet peaceful, with the barks of dogs…

  • Costra and tacos at Taquería Orinoco

    Costra and tacos at Taquería Orinoco

    For lunch we did Taquería Orinoco, a bustling spot renowned for its tacos and costras. The “Trompo” taco, a classic al pastor with a slice of pineapple, was a delightful experience. The combination of the savory, slightly spicy meat with the sweet, tangy pineapple created a flavor profile that was both unique and delicious. It’s…

  • Breakfast at Cancino Cibeles

    Breakfast at Cancino Cibeles

    We stepped into Cancino Cibeles in the early morning hours before our morning walking tour, we were greeted by the warm ambiance of the restaurant. For a refreshing start, we opted for an acai berry smoothie, a vibrant blend of acai berries, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and health. Huevos Rancheros is a classic…

  • The Alley Café Tres Abejas

    The Alley Café Tres Abejas

    We found a quaint café called Tres Abejas (three bees in Spanish) in a dimly-lit alley, yet its lighting was ingeniously designed, casting a warm, inviting glow. The place charmed us with its interplay of plants and vibrant murals, creating an enchanting urban oasis. Savoring our order of burnt cheesecake and a decaf flat white,…

  • Toxic-Free Food vs Toxic Free Food

    Toxic-Free Food vs Toxic Free Food

    Is it “toxic free food” or is it actually “toxic-free food”? I’m confused over English’s flexible compound adjective rules now.