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  • Exploring Oxford’s Historic Charms

    Exploring Oxford’s Historic Charms

    Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, is an enchanting blend of history and academia. My journey began at the Sheldonian Theatre, an architectural masterpiece by Sir Christopher Wren, offering a panoramic view of Oxford’s skyline. Just a stone’s throw away, the New Bodleian Library stands, a hub for bibliophiles. Its adjacent café is a perfect…

  • Warwick, Stratford, and Oxford in a Day

    Warwick, Stratford, and Oxford in a Day

    I took a day tour with Golden Tours out of London. 8:30 AM – Departure from Victoria Our day started with an early morning buzz in Victoria, London. The tour bus is a little hard to find. Our tour set off with a rather random factoid on Waterloo Bridge which I thought was really interesting.…