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  • Organilleros in Mexico City

    Organilleros in Mexico City

    These organilleros street musicians, with their hand-cranked barrel organs, bring an air of nostalgia and charm to the urban landscape. It’s also known as harmonipan. Dressed in their distinctive brown uniforms, reminiscent of an older, almost bygone era. The music they play, a mixture of traditional Mexican tunes and popular songs from various periods, offers…

  • Leicester Square to Green and Hyde Park

    Leicester Square to Green and Hyde Park

    The adventure began at Leicester Square, the pulsating heart of London’s entertainment district. The area was alive with the sounds of busker music, creating a lively, almost carnival-like atmosphere. Leaving the vivacious square, I walked towards the historic St James’s Church, Piccadilly. This 17th-century Anglican church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, stands as a testament…