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  • Dining at Restaurante Rosetta

    Dining at Restaurante Rosetta

    Our visit to Restaurante Rosetta, ranked No. 49 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023, was an exploration of refined tastes and culinary artistry. Situated in the heart of Mexico City, Rosetta, under the guidance of chef Elena Reygadas, offers a unique dining experience that blends traditional Mexican ingredients with innovative cooking techniques. The interior…

  • Types of mole

    Types of mole

    Each mole has its unique blend of ingredients and flavor profile, adding distinct character to the dishes they accompany. ​We tried mole negro, mole coloradito and mole amarillo.

  • Empanada con Amarillo mole at La Cosecha

    Empanada con Amarillo mole at La Cosecha

    We ventured to La Cosecha, a renowned hub for authentic Oaxaca cuisine. The Empanada mole Amarillo, stuffed with flavorsome chicken fillings, was perfectly complemented by the Mole Amarillo’s mild heat and complex flavor profile. This sauce is less intense than its cousins, Mole Negro and Mole Rojo, which are known for their richer, deeper flavors…

  • Finale with mole and fresh tomatoes

    Finale with mole and fresh tomatoes

    We decide to do our final dinner at Las Quince Letras which is a renowned restaurant in Oaxaca, Mexico, established in 1992 by Celia Florián and Fidel Méndez. It is celebrated for its traditional Oaxacan cuisine, especially for its variety of mole dishes, which include the emblematic mole negro. The restaurant prides itself on using…

  • Dinner at Zandunga in Oaxaca

    Dinner at Zandunga in Oaxaca

    For our dinner, we headed to Zandunga, a restaurant embodying the festive spirit its name suggests. The evening was a delightful exploration of Oaxacan flavors, beautifully presented in each dish. We began with a Tlayuda topped with chorizo. This traditional Oaxacan dish, often referred to as Mexican pizza, was a perfect blend of crispy, smoky,…