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  • Cocktail With Clouds at Miralto

    Cocktail With Clouds at Miralto

    Perched high in Torre Latinoamericana, Miralto Restaurant offered us more than a meal—it presented a journey through Mexico City’s skyline. This architectural marvel, a testament to modern engineering since its completion in 1956, has withstood numerous earthquakes, standing as a beacon in the city’s heart. Iconic landmarks like Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palacio Nacional, the…

  • Oaxacking Tour Adventure

    Oaxacking Tour Adventure

    Today, we joined the Oaxacking tour, an experience we learned about through a friend’s glowing recommendation. To prep ourselves, we watched “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix, getting a tantalizing preview of what awaited us. Our first stop was Cocina De Humo, helmed by Chef Thalía Barrios. It’s also a pottery shop. The ambiance was intimate.…