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  • Lunch at Café de Tacuba

    Lunch at Café de Tacuba

    Café de Tacuba, a renowned and historic restaurant in Mexico City, was established in 1912. The café is housed in a building that dates back to the colonial era, reflecting the architectural style of that period. Over the years, Café de Tacuba has become famous for its traditional Mexican cuisine and its charming interior, which…

  • Chilaquiles at Coyoacan Market

    Chilaquiles at Coyoacan Market

    We headed to the Coyoacan Market for breakfast. This stall is Trinidad Ritual de Sabores. I heard their tacos are really good but went for the chilaquiles instead. A cup of chocolate, the cup is so cute. Personally I prefer the chocolate thicker with milk. The chilaquiles with Barbacoa de Picanha is really good though.…

  • Delightful meal at Porfirio’s

    Delightful meal at Porfirio’s

    Porfirio’s Masaryk in Mexico City elevates traditional Mexican flavors into exquisite high-cuisine dishes. Porfirio’s interior exudes upscale elegance, complemented by an eclectic mix of pop music. And look at the presentation of the chips and salsa: the bone marrow and enmolada with almond mole showcase the restaurant’s flair for transforming classic recipes into modern masterpieces.…