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  • How to catch Lucha Libre in Mexico City

    How to catch Lucha Libre in Mexico City

    My recommendation on how to catch Lucha Libre I highly recommend you don’t go through a tour or Turibus if you can’t speak Spanish like me. If I were to relive the night, I’d take a simpler route: It’s overall more value for money. Uber is an absolute pleasure to deal with. You don’t have…

  • Our first Lucha Libre

    Our first Lucha Libre

    Lucha Libre, more than a sport in Mexico, is a cultural phenomenon. Wrestlers, known as ‘luchadores’, don masks representing historical and mythical figures, deeply entwining the sport with Mexico’s cultural heritage. It symbolizes the common man’s struggle, mirroring good vs evil, a concept resonating with Mexicans deeply. These matches are community events, fostering a sense…