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  • Late dinner at Yoru

    Late dinner at Yoru

    For late dinner we went Yoru! Yoru’s a Japanese restaurant is a little dark, and they open till 10 PM. We began our meal by sharing a soft shell crab and unagi hand rolls. The hand rolls were good, possibly heightened by our long hiatus from Japanese cuisine. Each bite was a mix of crisp…

  • Late Night Ramen in Mexico City

    Late Night Ramen in Mexico City

    Fresh from Oaxaca, hunger led us to order Japanese Tonkatsu Ramen via Uber Eats in Mexico City. The dish was notably saltier and spicier than expected. Overall, a 3/5 for rating. Not sure why we ordered this.

  • Day 5 in London: Museums, Desserts and an Evening Stroll

    Day 5 in London: Museums, Desserts and an Evening Stroll

    Day 5 of my London adventure was a remarkable blend of culture, cuisine, and exploration, despite a rainy start. The day began with a ride to South Kensington, home to some of the city’s most famed museums. The rain, while initially a dampener, soon added to the charm of the city’s streets. My first stop…

  • Dinner at Kanada-ya Ramen

    Dinner at Kanada-ya Ramen

    Nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho, my visit to Kanada-ya Ramen at 9:30 PM was a culinary adventure. As the last orders were being taken, the restaurant buzzed with the energy of night owls seeking authentic Japanese flavors. The meal commenced with a sensational Karaage chicken served with wasabi mayo and a zesty twist…