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  • Day 4: History in Yucatán

    Day 4: History in Yucatán

    Our fourth day outside Mérida was a blend of unexpected detours and awe-inspiring experiences, as we delved deeper into Yucatán’s rich heritage. Morning Setback and a New Start The day began with a hiccup: our tour car broke down at 8 AM. Undeterred, we found a ride to Plaza Grande and eagerly awaited our rescheduled…

  • Jarana at Sabores Festival de Yucatán

    Jarana at Sabores Festival de Yucatán

    The Sabores Festival de Yucatán is a spectacular celebration of Yucatán’s rich cultural heritage, where dance plays a pivotal role in the festivities. One of the most captivating performances is a unique dance where performers balance bottles on their heads. This extraordinary display of skill and grace combines traditional dance moves with an added element…

  • Stroll Along Paseo Montejo

    Stroll Along Paseo Montejo

    Strolling down Paseo Montejo in Mérida is like walking through pages of history. Named in honor of the Spanish conqueror Francisco de Montejo, this boulevard, inspired by France’s Champs Elysées, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern experiences. We had a mixed experience Trattoria La Pasta Montejo. While the Bruschetta al Funghi was…

  • Stroll Through Centro Mérida

    Stroll Through Centro Mérida

    Wandering through Centro Mérida, I was immediately struck by the rich Spanish heritage echoed in its architecture. This colonial charm, a legacy of the Spanish conquest, is etched in every street and building, telling stories of a past era. I encountered a reproduction of “Ecce Homo”. This artwork gained notoriety after an amateur restoration attempt…

  • Quick preview of what Mexico City has to offer

    Quick preview of what Mexico City has to offer

    We left the airport as it was becoming boring and there’s nothing else to do. The morning in Mexico City begins with a groggy, sleep-deprived arrival at Juarez Metro Station. Despite the fatigue, the city’s morning ambiance is uniquely refreshing Walking towards Alameda Central, one of the city’s most iconic parks, the fatigue begins to…

  • Pillar post boxes in London

    Pillar post boxes in London

    London’s iconic red post boxes are more than mail carriers; they’re symbols of British heritage. Standing out with their vibrant hue and royal cyphers, these boxes blend functionality with history, adding charm to London’s streets.

  • Zhujiajiao: “Venice of the East” Near Shanghai

    Zhujiajiao: “Venice of the East” Near Shanghai

    Zhujiajiao is often dubbed the ‘Venice of the East,’ this water town is laced with crisscrossing canals and historical bridges. But don’t believe that; you’ll be somewhat disappointed. Upon arrival, the Kezhi Garden is a must-visit. This Ming Dynasty garden blends classic architecture with lush greenery, offering a serene spot for reflection. Don’t miss the…