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  • Day Trip to Coyoacán

    Day Trip to Coyoacán

    We embarked on a day trip to the charming neighborhood of Coyoacán, a place rich in history and culture. To delve into its roots, Coyoacán, meaning “place of the coyotes” in Nahuatl, reflects its deep Aztec origins. This connection to the Aztec civilization dates back to the pre-Hispanic era, making it a storied area in…

  • Bazar Artesanal Mexicano in Coyoacán

    Bazar Artesanal Mexicano in Coyoacán

    Coyoacán, an old town established during the Spanish colonial era, is a melting pot of history and tradition, and this market is a testament to that rich heritage. Right there is the Bazar Artesanal Mexicano. The market is a vibrant showcase of artisan craftsmanship. Colorful skulls, a symbol of Mexican art and the Day of…

  • Stroll Through Roma Norte’s Parks

    Stroll Through Roma Norte’s Parks

    On a serene afternoon, we set out to explore the lush green spaces of Roma Norte, one of Mexico City’s more charming neighborhoods. We meandered through Parque México’s winding paths, we were surrounded by an oasis of towering trees and vibrant flower beds. The park’s ambiance was lively yet peaceful, with the barks of dogs…