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  • Delightful meal at Porfirio’s

    Delightful meal at Porfirio’s

    Porfirio’s Masaryk in Mexico City elevates traditional Mexican flavors into exquisite high-cuisine dishes. Porfirio’s interior exudes upscale elegance, complemented by an eclectic mix of pop music. And look at the presentation of the chips and salsa: the bone marrow and enmolada with almond mole showcase the restaurant’s flair for transforming classic recipes into modern masterpieces.…

  • Day 3: From Rainy Mornings to Cultural Evenings

    Day 3: From Rainy Mornings to Cultural Evenings

    I ended up not using my suggested itinerary (thanks Gen AI) and instead tried to work some of the segments in. Late Morning: Rainy Start and the British Museum The day started on a lazy note with a late morning, accompanied by the London rain. My first stop was the British Museum, a treasure trove…

  • Culinary Evening at The Pem

    Culinary Evening at The Pem

    Dining at The Pem, nestled within the elegant Conrad St James’s hotel, was an experience that blended fine dining with culinary artistry. This sophisticated restaurant, known for its exquisite menu and refined atmosphere, did not disappoint. The seemingly unremarkable bread stole the show. We really enjoyed how soft it is in the inside while being…