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  • Dances at the Food and agriculture convention

    Dances at the Food and agriculture convention

    We were walking back to the hotel and chance upon some song and dance. “Convención Agroalimentaria de Oaxaca para el Mundo,” which translates to “Oaxaca’s Food and Agriculture Convention for the World.” Sounds like the event is focused on showcasing Oaxaca’s agricultural products, cuisine, and possibly trade and development within the agri-food sector. The “Danza…

  • Jarana at Sabores Festival de Yucatán

    Jarana at Sabores Festival de Yucatán

    The Sabores Festival de Yucatán is a spectacular celebration of Yucatán’s rich cultural heritage, where dance plays a pivotal role in the festivities. One of the most captivating performances is a unique dance where performers balance bottles on their heads. This extraordinary display of skill and grace combines traditional dance moves with an added element…

  • Stroll Along Paseo Montejo

    Stroll Along Paseo Montejo

    Strolling down Paseo Montejo in Mérida is like walking through pages of history. Named in honor of the Spanish conqueror Francisco de Montejo, this boulevard, inspired by France’s Champs Elysées, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern experiences. We had a mixed experience Trattoria La Pasta Montejo. While the Bruschetta al Funghi was…