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  • Instant Noodle Temple

    Instant Noodle Temple

    We stumbled upon an instant noodles restaurant — Ramen Temple. Here, you’re the chef, picking your favorite instant noodle brand as the base. Then, enhance it with an array of toppings – a rich egg, succulent meat, and a hint of fresh vegetables. Hot water is poured using this machine. The bowl sealed, and in…

  • Breakfast at Cancino Cibeles

    Breakfast at Cancino Cibeles

    We stepped into Cancino Cibeles in the early morning hours before our morning walking tour, we were greeted by the warm ambiance of the restaurant. For a refreshing start, we opted for an acai berry smoothie, a vibrant blend of acai berries, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and health. Huevos Rancheros is a classic…

  • Breakfast at De Maiz y Cacao

    Breakfast at De Maiz y Cacao

    Early morning we went to De Maiz y Cacao, a haven of traditional Mexican delights where the atmosphere is as nourishing as the food. The moment we stepped in, we were greeted with an ambiance reminiscent of a family gathering, complete with smiling faces and the comforting presence of several ‘abuelas’ adding to the homely…

  • Culinary Journey Through Mercado de Abastos

    Culinary Journey Through Mercado de Abastos

    Our visit to Mercado de Abastos (Central de Abastos) was a deep dive into Oaxaca’s heart and soul. This bustling market, steeped in history, is a sensory overload with its vibrant colors, sounds, and enticing aromas. One can’t miss the variety of chilies here, each adding its unique flavor and heat to Oaxacan cuisine. We…

  • Breakfast at Pan & Koffee

    Breakfast at Pan & Koffee

    This is where we had breakfast before heading to the airport — Pan & Koffee. The moment I stepped into Pan & Koffee, I was captivated by the charming inner courtyard. It offered a tranquil oasis, perfect for a peaceful morning. The warm wooden decor created a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It was a beautiful…

  • Authentic Yucatecan Flavors at Wayan’e

    Authentic Yucatecan Flavors at Wayan’e

    We went to Wayan’e which is a hidden gem for authentic Yucatecan cuisine. We had Tacos Huevos con Chaya which is a breakfast taco with a blend of scrambled eggs and Chaya, a native Yucatecan leaf similar to spinach. The fresh, earthy flavor of Chaya, combined with the fluffy eggs wrapped in a soft tortilla,…

  • Sunrise Breakfast at Mi Viejo Molino Café

    Sunrise Breakfast at Mi Viejo Molino Café

    At the break of dawn, around 7 am, I found myself in the cozy embrace of Mi Viejo Molino Café (My Old Mill Cafe), a cherished spot in the heart of Mérida. The café, known for its traditional Mexican breakfasts, welcomed me with the warm aromas of freshly brewed coffee and simmering sauces. Mi Viejo…

  • Fried egg flavored chips

    Fried egg flavored chips

    Oh my this is amazing — Capri Chips, Potato chips with fried egg flavor. I can see why this is a thing. Delicious!