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  • Tepache in a can

    Tepache in a can

    This traditional Mexican fermented beverage, made from pineapple rind and core, brown sugar, and cinnamon, is a delightful concoction that stands out for its probiotic properties and unique flavor profile. Tepache hails from pre-Columbian Mexico. As a lightly fermented drink, it’s a healthier alternative to sugary sodas, carrying the wholesome goodness of Vitamin C and…

  • Tepache in Oaxaca

    Tepache in Oaxaca

    Originating from pre-Columbian times, tepache was traditionally made from corn, but modern versions typically use pineapple, brown sugar, and cinnamon. This fermented beverage, often sold in roadside stands, embodies the spirit of Mexican street food culture. Its slightly sweet, mildly alcoholic taste captures the essence of ancient recipes passed down through generations. We also see…

  • Finding Gong Cha in Oaxaca

    Finding Gong Cha in Oaxaca

    We found Gong Cha in Oaxaca! Looks like there’s boba culture here as well. Amidst traditional Mexican backdrops, finding this Taiwanese bubble tea haven offered a unique fusion of global flavors, merging the charm of Oaxaca with the trendy appeal of Asian-inspired beverages. Location of Gong Cha:C. Macedonio Alcalá 201-Local 102, RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Centro, 68000…

  • Warm Visit to La Atolería

    Warm Visit to La Atolería

    We discovered La Atolería, a cozy spot dedicated to one of Mexico’s traditional beverages: atole. What first captured our attention is the interior of the store. Atole is a warm, often sweetened drink, made from masa (corn dough), and comes in various flavors. La Atolería’s hot chocolate was exceptional – rich, velvety, and infused with…

  • Tea time at Márago Coffee

    Tea time at Márago Coffee

    Near my hotel in the bustling heart of Mérida, I discovered Márago Coffee, a pristine and welcoming café. The café’s breakfast options are diverse and reasonably priced. Each dish is crafted with care, showcasing the flavors of Yucatán. There’s a taro drink that’s pretty good. Its creamy texture and has unique flavor. There’s a cute…

  • Authentic Yucatecan Flavors at Wayan’e

    Authentic Yucatecan Flavors at Wayan’e

    We went to Wayan’e which is a hidden gem for authentic Yucatecan cuisine. We had Tacos Huevos con Chaya which is a breakfast taco with a blend of scrambled eggs and Chaya, a native Yucatecan leaf similar to spinach. The fresh, earthy flavor of Chaya, combined with the fluffy eggs wrapped in a soft tortilla,…

  • Oatly’s packaging

    Oatly’s packaging

    Oatly, a Swedish company, has taken the dairy-free world by storm with its oat-based milk products. The latest oat milk carton comes equipped with face-recognition software to enhance security when left in unsecured locations like a refrigerator. Oatly’s message is clear: they’re more than an oat milk company. And they’ve successfully gotten more eyes on…

  • Drink stall curiously named CocoCane

    Drink stall curiously named CocoCane

    As you stroll through the bustling corridors of the mall in Singapore, your attention might be caught by a rather audacious kiosk: CocoCane. Yes, you read that right. The name might make you do a double-take, resembling something far less innocent than what the stall actually offers. The stall serves up two of the most…

  • Amazing breakfast in Malaysia

    Amazing breakfast in Malaysia

    Had an incredible nasi lemak at Village Park, which is conveniently located near Starling Mall. Additionally, we discovered a quaint but wonderful café nearby called Baristar Coffee and Tea. Kicked off the morning with a delicious Flat White.

  • New age energy drinks

    New age energy drinks

    This energy drink actually caught my attention. It has clean energy with all the niceties. Still tastes weird though.