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  • Revisiting Palacio Postal in Mexico City

    Revisiting Palacio Postal in Mexico City

    On our first day in Mexico City, we were captivated by the grandeur of Palacio Postal, but a recent revisit has only deepened our appreciation. This architectural jewel is adorned with gilded interiors and ornate design. Every corner of Palacio Postal speaks of beauty, from its elaborate staircases to the intricately detailed ceilings. The fusion…

  • Breakfast at Dishoom

    Breakfast at Dishoom

    My culinary adventure began with their signature naan-roll, a fantastic fusion of soft, freshly baked naan enveloping a choice of fillings. The decor of Dishoom deserves a special mention. Walking in is like stepping into a time capsule, with a Bombay twist. While I didn’t capture it in photos, the Chicken Ruby was another highlight…