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  • Day 3 at Celestún

    Day 3 at Celestún

    Our day trip to Celestún, known for its flamingos and natural beauty, was an adventure filled with surprises and discoveries. We went with a tour group. It was a bit hard to find this group but it worked out in the end. We started our day with a refreshing Topo Chico at Charrito Originales, gearing…

  • Warwick, Stratford, and Oxford in a Day

    Warwick, Stratford, and Oxford in a Day

    I took a day tour with Golden Tours out of London. 8:30 AM – Departure from Victoria Our day started with an early morning buzz in Victoria, London. The tour bus is a little hard to find. Our tour set off with a rather random factoid on Waterloo Bridge which I thought was really interesting.…