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  • Symbolism in Oaxaca’s Architecture

    Symbolism in Oaxaca’s Architecture

    In Oaxaca, buildings adorned with jaguar heads and skeletons are not mere decorations but profound cultural symbols. Jaguars, revered in ancient Mesoamerican cultures for their strength and power. Skeletons, central to Day of the Dead celebrations, embody Mexico’s rich historical tapestry and enduring traditions. And murals played a big part too: The building facade doesn’t…

  • Touching Down in Mexico City Airport

    Touching Down in Mexico City Airport

    Mexico City’s Airport (officially known as Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez), a bustling gateway to the cultural heartbeat of Mexico, offers a unique blend of modern facilities and cultural essence. As you touch down, the first thing you notice is the vibrant energy of the place. Excited to be here!