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  • Pastries at Casa 1900

    Pastries at Casa 1900

    To fuel our journey through Teotihuacan ruins, we’ve stocked up on delectable pastries from Casa 1900. Teotihuacan is the home to the grand pyramids of the Sun and Moon. We got some croissants, maybe chocolate-dipped palmier. And for a touch of savory, the sausage rolls. We’ll be ready tomorrow! Location of Casa 1900:Calle de Durango…

  • Early start at Panadería Rosetta

    Early start at Panadería Rosetta

    We started our early day journey to Chapultepec Castle with breakfast at Panadería Rosetta. From the moment you step in, the interior decor wraps around you like a warm hug. And yes, for those of us needing to stay connected, the WiFi is very good. The guava and cheese danish is a revelation – the…