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  • Nighttime Stroll in Oaxaca

    Nighttime Stroll in Oaxaca

    We did an evening walk through the vibrant streets of Oaxaca. I’m surprised how many people are out and about. Our night began with a visit to the Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán. As the evening lights illuminated its intricate façade, the church transformed into a breathtaking spectacle, embodying the rich history and architectural…

  • Is there Uber in Oaxaca?

    Is there Uber in Oaxaca?

    No. As of November 2023. Our arrival at the Oaxaca International Airport, officially known as Aeropuerto Internacional de Oaxaca (OAX), marked the beginning of our much-anticipated adventure in this culturally rich city. Our Airbnb is located at a 25-minute drive from the city center, unfortunately we encountered a minor hiccup – the absence of Uber…

  • Leicester Square to Green and Hyde Park

    Leicester Square to Green and Hyde Park

    The adventure began at Leicester Square, the pulsating heart of London’s entertainment district. The area was alive with the sounds of busker music, creating a lively, almost carnival-like atmosphere. Leaving the vivacious square, I walked towards the historic St James’s Church, Piccadilly. This 17th-century Anglican church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, stands as a testament…