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  • Last Bite at El Moro Churrería

    Last Bite at El Moro Churrería

    As our days in Mexico City come to an end, we’re drawn back to El Moro Churrería, a place that has sweetened our stay thrice. The churros here are incomparable, their freshness unmatched in the streets of San Francisco. Each bite, warm and crisp, is a testament to their artistry. Here, we savor the café…

  • Rellenos Churros with Chocolate

    Rellenos Churros with Chocolate

    We went to Churreria General de la Republica for churros. The relleno churro, while really well-made, was overwhelmingly sweet for our tastes. The rich chocolate filling, combined with the sugary dough of the churro, created a dessert that might be way too sweet. They also offered a variety of ice creams and different syrups, each…

  • Quick stop at Churrería El Moro

    Quick stop at Churrería El Moro

    Churrería El Moro is one of the most iconic spots in Mexico City known for conjuring up the most delectable churros. The aroma of freshly fried dough dusted with sugar and cinnamon is a prelude to the delight that awaits. The beautiful dark blue and white tiles adorning the walls told stories of a past…