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  • Chilaquiles at Coyoacan Market

    Chilaquiles at Coyoacan Market

    We headed to the Coyoacan Market for breakfast. This stall is Trinidad Ritual de Sabores. I heard their tacos are really good but went for the chilaquiles instead. A cup of chocolate, the cup is so cute. Personally I prefer the chocolate thicker with milk. The chilaquiles with Barbacoa de Picanha is really good though.…

  • Sunrise Breakfast at Mi Viejo Molino Café

    Sunrise Breakfast at Mi Viejo Molino Café

    At the break of dawn, around 7 am, I found myself in the cozy embrace of Mi Viejo Molino Café (My Old Mill Cafe), a cherished spot in the heart of Mérida. The café, known for its traditional Mexican breakfasts, welcomed me with the warm aromas of freshly brewed coffee and simmering sauces. Mi Viejo…