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  • The Alley Café Tres Abejas

    The Alley Café Tres Abejas

    We found a quaint café called Tres Abejas (three bees in Spanish) in a dimly-lit alley, yet its lighting was ingeniously designed, casting a warm, inviting glow. The place charmed us with its interplay of plants and vibrant murals, creating an enchanting urban oasis. Savoring our order of burnt cheesecake and a decaf flat white,…

  • Dinner at Zandunga in Oaxaca

    Dinner at Zandunga in Oaxaca

    For our dinner, we headed to Zandunga, a restaurant embodying the festive spirit its name suggests. The evening was a delightful exploration of Oaxacan flavors, beautifully presented in each dish. We began with a Tlayuda topped with chorizo. This traditional Oaxacan dish, often referred to as Mexican pizza, was a perfect blend of crispy, smoky,…