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  • Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

    Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

    Our exploration of Mexico City’s heart led us to the grandiose Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, a colossal edifice that towers over the Zócalo area. What lies beneath is equally captivating—this magnificent structure rests atop the ancient Aztec sacred precinct, including the Templo Mayor, a layering of histories that speaks volumes of the city’s complex past.…

  • Nighttime Stroll in Oaxaca

    Nighttime Stroll in Oaxaca

    We did an evening walk through the vibrant streets of Oaxaca. I’m surprised how many people are out and about. Our night began with a visit to the Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán. As the evening lights illuminated its intricate façade, the church transformed into a breathtaking spectacle, embodying the rich history and architectural…

  • Night at Plaza Grande

    Night at Plaza Grande

    We spent out last evening in Merida at Plaza Grande. As night fell, the plaza buzzed with life, offering an array of street food. The aroma of freshly made churros and the sight of marquesitas were irresistible. Catedral de Mérida – San Ildefonso has a church session. We couldn’t really take too much pictures. The…