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  • Victoria beer from Mexico

    Victoria beer from Mexico

    Originating from Toluca in the State of Mexico, Victoria holds the distinction of being one of the oldest beer brands in the country, with its production dating back to 1865. Victoria struck me as somewhat flat, lacking the robustness often found in other beers. However, it was noticeably gassy, which added a different dimension to…

  • Culinary Journey Through Mercado de Abastos

    Culinary Journey Through Mercado de Abastos

    Our visit to Mercado de Abastos (Central de Abastos) was a deep dive into Oaxaca’s heart and soul. This bustling market, steeped in history, is a sensory overload with its vibrant colors, sounds, and enticing aromas. One can’t miss the variety of chilies here, each adding its unique flavor and heat to Oaxacan cuisine. We…