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  • Breakfast at De Maiz y Cacao

    Breakfast at De Maiz y Cacao

    Early morning we went to De Maiz y Cacao, a haven of traditional Mexican delights where the atmosphere is as nourishing as the food. The moment we stepped in, we were greeted with an ambiance reminiscent of a family gathering, complete with smiling faces and the comforting presence of several ‘abuelas’ adding to the homely…

  • Warm Visit to La Atolería

    Warm Visit to La Atolería

    We discovered La Atolería, a cozy spot dedicated to one of Mexico’s traditional beverages: atole. What first captured our attention is the interior of the store. Atole is a warm, often sweetened drink, made from masa (corn dough), and comes in various flavors. La Atolería’s hot chocolate was exceptional – rich, velvety, and infused with…