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  • Day Trip to Coyoacán

    Day Trip to Coyoacán

    We embarked on a day trip to the charming neighborhood of Coyoacán, a place rich in history and culture. To delve into its roots, Coyoacán, meaning “place of the coyotes” in Nahuatl, reflects its deep Aztec origins. This connection to the Aztec civilization dates back to the pre-Hispanic era, making it a storied area in…

  • Bazar Artesanal Mexicano in Coyoacán

    Bazar Artesanal Mexicano in Coyoacán

    Coyoacán, an old town established during the Spanish colonial era, is a melting pot of history and tradition, and this market is a testament to that rich heritage. Right there is the Bazar Artesanal Mexicano. The market is a vibrant showcase of artisan craftsmanship. Colorful skulls, a symbol of Mexican art and the Day of…

  • Gong Cha in Coyoacán

    Gong Cha in Coyoacán

    Found Gong Cha in Coyoacán, we hoped to try the unique mole boba tea, perhaps a specialty seen in Oaxaca. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available. We settled for the regular boba tea, which tasted quite normal. There’re a bunch of Gong Cha’s around. They taste like the regular boba tea. Please skip.

  • Dr. Simi Mascot

    Dr. Simi Mascot

    One peculiar figure stands out in the pharmacy world – Dr. Simi. This character is a mascot for the popular pharmacy chain Farmacias Similares. Often, you’ll find someone dressed as Dr. Simi dancing and greeting customers outside the pharmacies.

  • Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacán

    Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacán

    We went to Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as Casa Azul, right in the heart of Coyoacán. This museum holds immense significance as it was the birthplace and home of the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It’s a space where art, personal history, and Mexican culture intertwine beautifully. One notable challenge during our visit was…

  • Piñatas at Coyoacan Market

    Piñatas at Coyoacan Market

    On a recent Coyoacan Market visit, we were amazed by the incredible variety of piñatas on display. Originally, piñatas serve a purpose beyond mere decoration. They are a symbol of celebration, typically broken during festive occasions to release candies and treats as a metaphor for abundance and joy. Among the usual suspects, we stumbled upon…

  • Rellenos Churros with Chocolate

    Rellenos Churros with Chocolate

    We went to Churreria General de la Republica for churros. The relleno churro, while really well-made, was overwhelmingly sweet for our tastes. The rich chocolate filling, combined with the sugary dough of the churro, created a dessert that might be way too sweet. They also offered a variety of ice creams and different syrups, each…

  • Chilaquiles at Coyoacan Market

    Chilaquiles at Coyoacan Market

    We headed to the Coyoacan Market for breakfast. This stall is Trinidad Ritual de Sabores. I heard their tacos are really good but went for the chilaquiles instead. A cup of chocolate, the cup is so cute. Personally I prefer the chocolate thicker with milk. The chilaquiles with Barbacoa de Picanha is really good though.…

  • Instant Noodle Temple

    Instant Noodle Temple

    We stumbled upon an instant noodles restaurant — Ramen Temple. Here, you’re the chef, picking your favorite instant noodle brand as the base. Then, enhance it with an array of toppings – a rich egg, succulent meat, and a hint of fresh vegetables. Hot water is poured using this machine. The bowl sealed, and in…

  • Flat White at Café Tormenta

    Flat White at Café Tormenta

    On a quaint street corner, we discovered Café Tormenta, a charming spot that promised a delightful coffee experience. It’s got an inviting ambiance and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is present! We got the Australian favorite — the Flat White. Café Tormenta’s version was excellent. The first sip was a harmonious blend of rich…

  • Dining at Restaurante Rosetta

    Dining at Restaurante Rosetta

    Our visit to Restaurante Rosetta, ranked No. 49 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023, was an exploration of refined tastes and culinary artistry. Situated in the heart of Mexico City, Rosetta, under the guidance of chef Elena Reygadas, offers a unique dining experience that blends traditional Mexican ingredients with innovative cooking techniques. The interior…

  • Teotihuacan: Our Experience and Tips

    Teotihuacan: Our Experience and Tips

    Teotihuacan, a place steeped in history, offers multiple ways to reach its ancient grounds. You can opt for a convenient tour, like the Turibus, priced around $35 per person, which includes a visit to a handicraft workshop. Alternatively, a more independent approach is to hire an Uber or taxi. What we did (on November 2023)…