What does PB, E1 and E2 stand for in Mexico?

This confused us for a while. In elevators in Mexico City, the labels “PB,” “E1,” and “E2” refer to specific floor levels.

  • “PB” stands for “Planta Baja,” which translates to “Ground Floor” in English. It’s the main level or the first floor you enter from the street.
  • “E1” and “E2” refer to “Entresuelo 1” and “Entresuelo 2,” respectively. These can be translated as “Mezzanine 1” and “Mezzanine 2” or sometimes as “Intermediate Floor 1” and “Intermediate Floor 2.” These are levels that are situated between the ground floor and the first floor, often used for additional retail or office spaces.

This nomenclature is quite common in buildings in Spanish-speaking countries, reflecting the language and architectural style of the region.