Warning on using taxis in Mexico City

A Redditor recently shared a distressing experience they had a few months ago in Mexico City, serving as a cautionary tale for all travelers. It’s a story of deception and a sharp reminder of the importance of vigilance in unfamiliar situations.

The tourist hailed what appeared to be a regular city taxi. The cab had all the usual markings: a driver with a name tag, a visible meter, and certificates that lent an air of legitimacy.

Midway through the journey, the driver claimed he couldn’t accept cash due to safety concerns—a statement that raised the tourist’s suspicions. Upon arrival, the driver quickly keyed in 80 pesos (around $6 CAD) on his payment machine. But as the tourist inserted their credit card, the driver slyly added extra zeros, a fact that went unnoticed until it was too late.

The Shocking Discovery

The tourist felt something was amiss and managed to snap a picture of the driver, who tried to conceal his face. It wasn’t until they checked the credit card statement that the full extent of the scam was revealed: a charge of 8,000 pesos, turning what should have been a $6 ride into an exorbitant $650.

The tourist has since been in a dispute with Mastercard over the fraudulent charge. They have also switched to using Uber, citing its safety and transparency.

Lessons Learned

Always always check what it says on the credit card reader machine. Make sure the number keyed in tallies before you put in your credit card.