Visit to Museo Mural Diego Rivera

Visit to Museo Mural Diego Rivera is dedicated to housing one of Diego Rivera’s most magnificent murals.

Here’s Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera, born in 1886, was a famed Mexican muralist known for integrating social and political themes into his work. He was married to Frida Kahlo, an iconic Mexican artist. Their tumultuous relationship, marked by artistic collaboration and mutual influence, is as famous as their individual artistic legacies.

Among the plethora of figures, I spotted Benito Juárez, a symbol of resilience and reform.

And just a few steps away, Porfirio Díaz, a reminder of a more contentious era. Each character, meticulously painted, seemed to speak volumes about the nation’s tumultuous journey. Diego Rivera, known for his strong communist beliefs and social activism through his art, was generally critical of Porfirio Díaz and his regime. Porfirio Díaz, who ruled Mexico from 1876 to 1911, was known for his authoritarian regime, and his era, known as the Porfiriato, was marked by significant economic modernization and foreign investment.

Entrance is free on a Sunday. However regular price is 30 pesos I think.

It’s really close to Alameda Central Park.