Using Uber in Train to Greenwich Royal Observatory

In a surprising yet innovative move, Uber has expanded its services beyond ridesharing, venturing into the realm of train travel.

I recently had the opportunity to experience this new feature firsthand on a trip from Blackfriars to Maze Hill. I wanted to go to Greenwich Royal Observatory.

You can find train tickets in Train & Coach.

The process was impressively seamless, integrating the ease and user-friendliness that Uber is known for.

You get a confirmation once you purchased. It’s about £5.30 I think.

This integration of train ticket purchasing into Uber’s platform is a significant step towards streamlining public transportation. You get a QR code here (not shown):

Here’s how the trains look like

And inside:

There’s live tracking too!

My experience buying a ticket from Blackfriars to Maze Hill was a glimpse into a future of how Uber can be a travel platform of sorts. Very exciting.