Types of mole

Each mole has its unique blend of ingredients and flavor profile, adding distinct character to the dishes they accompany. ​

Type of MoleColorTaste Profile
✅ Mole NegroBlackRich, complex, slightly sweet with chocolate undertones
Mole RojoRedSpicy, robust, with a vibrant red hue
✅ Mole ColoraditoReddish-BrownMild, slightly sweet with a reddish-brown color
Mole VerdeGreenFresh, herbal, with a tangy and less spicy flavor
✅ Mole AmarilloYellowish-GreenMildly spicy, earthy, with a distinct turmeric presence
Mole PoblanoDark RedBalanced, slightly sweet, with a combination of chocolate and spices

We tried mole negro, mole coloradito and mole amarillo.