Triqui Protests in Mexico City

In the heart of Mexico City, streets become stages for the voices of the Triqui people, indigenous inhabitants from Oaxaca’s Tierra Blanca Copala. Their protests, marked by the occupation of streets, are not mere disruptions; they are desperate calls for justice.

The Triqui, known for their vibrant culture and resilience, are caught in a maelstrom of displacement. Paramilitary violence has torn through their lands, leaving communities fractured. Recent events have seen Triqui families fleeing brutalities, only to find themselves seeking visibility in a city far from home.

Their struggles lay bare on the asphalt of Mexico City’s thoroughfares. They seek safe return to their homeland, battling not just armed groups but political indifference. As they block avenues, their message is clear: they are not after charity; they yearn for dignity, the right to live peacefully on their ancestral soil.