Tranquility at Parque México

As our adventure in Mexico City winds down, we find solace in the urban oasis of Parque México.

Tucked away in Condesa, the park is a sanctuary from the city’s bustle, where the Audiorama, a unique haven for relaxation, beckons. This quiet corner features benches and speakers playing soft music, providing a perfect escape for reading or unwinding. Nearby, you’ll find the serene Lago Menor, a small lake with ducks and paddleboats, adding to the park’s charm.

Our last day is marked by this peaceful retreat, a gentle reminder of the city’s multifaceted charm. The vibrant energy of Condesa, with its trendy cafes and boutiques, adds to the area’s appeal.

Ending our journey in Parque México encapsulates the diverse experiences Mexico City offers, from bustling markets and historic sites to tranquil green spaces. Salida.