Teotihuacan: Our Experience and Tips

Teotihuacan, a place steeped in history, offers multiple ways to reach its ancient grounds. You can opt for a convenient tour, like the Turibus, priced around $35 per person, which includes a visit to a handicraft workshop. Alternatively, a more independent approach is to hire an Uber or taxi.

What we did (on November 2023)

We chose the Uber route, which cost approximately $40 from Roma Norte, Mexico City, to Teotihuacan’s Gate 2. Our experience was unique; the Uber driver agreed to wait and return us to the city, costing $110 for the round trip. The language barrier was bridged using a translation app, requiring a bit of patience but ultimately solving our concern about the return journey. We didn’t use a tour guide.

Teotihuacan has several entrance gates, each leading to different parts of the site:

Tips on how to go to Teotihuacan

  1. Get there early, the attraction opens at 8 AM. It can get really hot in the afternoon so it’s important to start your day early. It could be pretty chilly at 8 AM.
  2. For us, the attraction took about 3.5 hours to complete. Plan with the driver if necessary.
  3. Do not rent a bicycle, there’s no way to travel from pyramid to pyramid with bicycles, there are too many steps around.
  4. Read up what the temples and pyramids are about if you’re not going with any guides.
  5. Bring cash. Entrance is 90 pesos per person.
  6. Bring food and water.
  7. Bring comfortable shoes, there’s gonna be a lot of climbing to do

Recommended path (AKA path we wish we did)

  1. Started at Gate 1, immersing yourselves in the mysteries of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.
  2. Go to the imposing Pyramid of the Sun
  3. Go to the Pyramid of the Moon.
  4. Conclude your circuit by returning to the Pyramid of the Sun, where there’s a nearby small museum where you likely will spend about 30-minutes.
  5. Exit through Gate 5 wrapped up your journey.

I feel this path made the most sense as you have the walk a lot between Temple of the Feathered Serpent and the Pyramid of the Sun. It made sense to do this at the start of the day before it gets hot.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend a Turibus guide as they tend to rush you and you wanna take some time to enjoy the history and scenic views.


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