Taxi vs Uber in Cancun and Merida

The Cancun Sun reports that recent developments in Cancun reveal escalating tensions between traditional taxi drivers and Uber operators. Following the legalization of Uber, taxi drivers have reportedly engaged in aggressive tactics against both Uber drivers and passengers, including physical attacks, traffic blockades, and interference with Uber pickups.

Authorities have responded to these disruptive actions by suspending and revoking the licenses of several taxi drivers. The root of the conflict lies in the perceived unfair competition, as Uber drivers operate under different, less costly regulations, allowing them to offer lower fares. This has led to frustration among taxi drivers, who feel disadvantaged.

While traveling in Merida, I find it inconvenient to use Uber or Didi at the Merida airport due to taxi dominance. You can’t get picked up directly at the airport. I would still recommend using a taxi at the airport if you have luggages with you.