Sunrise Breakfast at Mi Viejo Molino Café

At the break of dawn, around 7 am, I found myself in the cozy embrace of Mi Viejo Molino Café (My Old Mill Cafe), a cherished spot in the heart of Mérida. The café, known for its traditional Mexican breakfasts, welcomed me with the warm aromas of freshly brewed coffee and simmering sauces.

Mi Viejo Molino Café has a charming atmosphere too:

The term ‘divorced eggs’ refers to two fried eggs, each topped with a different salsa – one with salsa roja (red) and the other with salsa verde (green), symbolizing their ‘separation’. The dish is a playful take on classic flavors, offering a harmonious blend of tastes in one plate.

Highlight of my breakfast was the traditional chilaquiles, served uniquely with ‘divorced eggs’. This dish, a staple in Mexican cuisine, consists of lightly fried tortillas soaked in green and red salsa, creating a delightful contrast of flavors.

We were pretty much out of the eatery at 8 AM and ventured towards to plazas and parks nearby.