Stroll Along Paseo Montejo

Strolling down Paseo Montejo in Mérida is like walking through pages of history. Named in honor of the Spanish conqueror Francisco de Montejo, this boulevard, inspired by France’s Champs Elysées, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern experiences.

We had a mixed experience Trattoria La Pasta Montejo. While the Bruschetta al Funghi was delightful, the Carbonara Pizza didn’t quite hit the mark.

I stumbled upon the vibrant Festival Sabores de Yucatán at El Minaret.

With its emphasis on regional delicacies and alcohol, it felt like a gourmet farmer’s market.

Along the way, I saw vendors selling Marquesitas, a delightful Yucatecan snack resembling a Nutella crepe.

We skipped this as we are really full at that time and I’m not willing try eating street food.

There’s also a cool looking Starbucks in a restored house.

The night ended with a familiar sight, Walmart.

This American store is slightly dingy yet recognizable.

Paseo Montejo is a pretty interesting street. It’s hard to compare to France’s Champs Elysées though.