Seeing Benito Juárez all around

Unplanned, I embarked on a unique journey to explore the legacy of Benito Juárez, a name synonymous with resilience and the fight for justice in Mexican history. My exploration began in Oaxaca, Juárez’s birthplace, and concluded at the Mexico City airport, named in his honor. Here are some information I gathered.

Our first stop was Casa Juárez in Oaxaca. This museum, once the home of Juárez, is a treasure trove of personal artifacts and documents. Each room narrated a chapter from his life, from his humble beginnings to becoming a national icon. The reverence for Juárez in Oaxaca is palpable; locals speak of him with a deep sense of pride and admiration. Their respect for him added a profound depth to my visit.

Next, we visited the university where Juárez studied law. It’s such a beautiful university. The guide told us this compound is still used for their student’s final examinations.

Here’s a close up on the statue:

And now I’m in Oaxaca airport for the final leg of our journey to the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City. Can’t wait.