Rainy Day Adventure from London Bridge to Borough Market

Starting with a free copy of the Evening Standard at London Bridge station around noon, I braved the rain to wander to Borough Market, getting somewhat drenched in the process.

First stop was Monmouth Coffee for a decaf flat white. The coffee shop’s inviting warmth, enhanced by heaters, provided a perfect 30-minute escape from the rain. Monmouth’s reputation for quality coffee was well justified – the flat white was excellent.

Next, I ventured to Fish!, a restaurant established in 1999 known for its quality fish and responsible sourcing.

It was my first time trying their Hake, which was delicious, though portion sizes were modest.

The calamari, unfortunately, didn’t match my preference.

A delightful find was Mei Mei, a Singaporean restaurant serving authentic dishes like kaya toast and curry.

It’s always exciting to discover a taste of Singapore in the heart of London.

And we spent the rest of the time at Borough Market feating on pastries. These are from Comptoir Bakery. This is Bakewell Tart which has a layer of raspberry jam, almond frangipane and topped with flaked almonds.

From flaky croissants to rich, indulgent chocolate eclairs, each bite is a testament to artisanal baking.

And here’s a Crownie, a chocolate brownie baked inside croissant dough.

Borough Market emphasizes on London’s diverse and vibrant food scene.