Quick preview of what Mexico City has to offer

We left the airport as it was becoming boring and there’s nothing else to do. The morning in Mexico City begins with a groggy, sleep-deprived arrival at Juarez Metro Station. Despite the fatigue, the city’s morning ambiance is uniquely refreshing

Walking towards Alameda Central, one of the city’s most iconic parks, the fatigue begins to wear off. The fountains in the park, even more enchanting in the soft morning light, add to the serene atmosphere.

The journey continues to Palacio Postal, not far from the park. This architectural marvel wakes up the senses, its detailed facades and intricate design standing as a testament to Mexico City’s rich history and architectural heritage.

Next stop: El Cardenal, a well-known restaurant for an authentic Mexican breakfast. There are filming here but it’s still open!

After a ten-minutes wait, we got in:

The highlight here is the chocolate drink, a rich and comforting concoction.

Accompanied by a delicious breakfast, it’s a moment of culinary delight that energizes and prepares us for the day ahead.

And we make our way back to Mexico City’s airport!