Piñatas at Coyoacan Market

On a recent Coyoacan Market visit, we were amazed by the incredible variety of piñatas on display.

Originally, piñatas serve a purpose beyond mere decoration. They are a symbol of celebration, typically broken during festive occasions to release candies and treats as a metaphor for abundance and joy.

Among the usual suspects, we stumbled upon a charming turtle piñata, exuding a whimsical charm.

The classic donkey piñata was also present, its vibrant colors and playful design a nod to more traditional styles.

Surprisingly, we even found piñatas shaped like Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse. Why would anyone want to beat up Harry Potter?

It seems the piñata market has expanded to include anything and everything, perhaps a reflection of pop culture’s influence on traditional crafts.

Location of Coyoacan Market:
Ignacio Allende s/n, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Ciudad de México, CDMX