Night at Plaza Grande

We spent out last evening in Merida at Plaza Grande. As night fell, the plaza buzzed with life, offering an array of street food. The aroma of freshly made churros and the sight of marquesitas were irresistible.

Catedral de Mérida – San Ildefonso has a church session. We couldn’t really take too much pictures. The church is breathtaking.

Strolling through the Pasaje de La Revolución, we admired its unique blend of art and history. It’s beautiful in there although much of it is under construction.

At the Palacio Municipal de Mérida, we stumbled upon a lively celebration. The air was filled with music and dance, maybe a prelude to the upcoming Revolution Day?

Revolution Day, commemorating the start of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, is a significant national holiday. It’s typically celebrated with parades, ceremonies, and cultural events.

It’s our last night at Merida! We are sad to have to leave.