Leicester Square to Green and Hyde Park

The adventure began at Leicester Square, the pulsating heart of London’s entertainment district. The area was alive with the sounds of busker music, creating a lively, almost carnival-like atmosphere.

Leaving the vivacious square, I walked towards the historic St James’s Church, Piccadilly.

This 17th-century Anglican church, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, stands as a testament to London’s rich historical and architectural heritage.

The path then led me to Green Park, a verdant retreat nestled in the heart of the city. The stark contrast between the urban vibrancy of Leicester Square and the tranquility of Green Park was striking.

Here, amidst the lush greenery, I witnessed a serene scene: two women gently feeding ducks by the pond, embodying the park’s peaceful essence.

As I meandered towards Hyde Park, London’s skyline unfolded before me. The iconic London Eye (branded lastminute.com London Eye), visible in the distance, served as a magnificent backdrop, symbolizing the city’s blend of historic charm and modern marvels.

Hyde Park itself was a haven of natural beauty, offering a sense of escape from the urban bustle.