Late dinner at Yoru

For late dinner we went Yoru! Yoru’s a Japanese restaurant is a little dark, and they open till 10 PM.

We began our meal by sharing a soft shell crab and unagi hand rolls. The hand rolls were good, possibly heightened by our long hiatus from Japanese cuisine. Each bite was a mix of crisp textures and the rich, savory taste of unagi. The shape itself is questionable. I was expecting handroll to look more like a typical temaki style.

A standout dish was the seared salmon nigiri. It was exquisitely prepared, with the seared salmon melting in our mouths.

We also tried the salmon and avocado rolls, a classic combination that never disappoints. The freshness of the salmon paired with the creamy avocado created a harmonious blend.

Our dinner at Yoru was a fantastic experience, marked by excellent food and a pleasant ambiance.

Location of Yoru Handroll and Sushi Bar:
Sinaloa 156A, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX