Is there Uber in Oaxaca?

No. As of November 2023.

Our arrival at the Oaxaca International Airport, officially known as Aeropuerto Internacional de Oaxaca (OAX), marked the beginning of our much-anticipated adventure in this culturally rich city.

Our Airbnb is located at a 25-minute drive from the city center, unfortunately we encountered a minor hiccup – the absence of Uber services in Oaxaca. This came as a surprise, as Uber has become a transportation staple in many parts of the world.

We opted for a transfer bus available at the airport. The process was seamless, and we could conveniently pay with a credit card, which was a relief. It costs us about 220 pesos.

The absence of Uber certainly didn’t dampen our spirits. Just take note visitors to Oaxaca — prepare for alternative transportation methods will ensure a smoother experience.

There’s Uber Eats though if you’re looking for food delivery:

Taxis are available all around but you should confirm the price before getting in to avoid a price shock.